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Our Story


con·scious adj.

  • aware of and responding to one's surroundings: awake

Camille Rennie (Moten) formed the Company of Collaborative Artists (CoCA) in early 2021 as a personal mission to hold space for dance artists to continue to express their artistry and training in a creative environment amidst a global pandemic. She felt called to address a collective need to move and process the restless energies, questions, ideas, and experiences of living through these modern times through the dancing body, and with community. From the very beginning rehearsal studio sketches and public sidewalk showings to pop-up performances, workshops, site-specific film shoots, festivals, educational programs, and our 1st annual community gala, her intention has remained the same for herself and for the artists she welcomed: to keep coming together as dancers and to keep sharing the art with people. 

As a dance company, we've laid our foundation during this unique time in history, and we've abandoned antiquated company models, too. We understand that artists are people, and people need to roam free. Our company structure reflects the ruling nature of change and our collaborative process adapts to this flow of malleability. As a new 509(a)(2) nonprofit organization, our company artists pick up and put down work in project-based format, and we share our art stories as they exist in real time. They become part of a growing body of repertory, and we choose how to translate our work, with the support of our community, into immersive performances and events, somatic exploration and education, and virtual social engagement using technology. We strive to meet people where they are and begin from there. We know that performance is public, but process can also be shared and valued. Life does not live to solely to reach the final version of itself, but instead reveals itself in the moments in-between; like vignettes, or fragmented memories, or bodies in an open space. This is how the artwork on our site is intended to be experienced. 

The mission of the Company of Collaborative Artists is to spread love and light internationally through dance arts and creative community. 

We strive to energize, express, and elevate our collective human experience by illuminating the beauty, power, and consciousness of the embodied creative. We are especially driven by the belief that movement is medicine, and we work to create spaces for both us and our audiences to experience that truth inside of community. Our company extends the invitation to creatives across the artistic disciplines to collaborate with us; add new colors to our stories. We are artists of the time, and we reflect the current and changing 2020s with a vibrant tenacity and radical compassion for all as we clear a path to a more awakened life. 


"Love Story"

Artists Pictured:  Anysia Kelly & José Lapaz Rodríguez

Julia Discenza Photography

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