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SUMMER 2023-2024

SUMMER 2022-2023

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My name is Camille Rennie

I am the Founder and Director of the Company of Collaborative Artists. I started this company because it is my passion and purpose to create meaningful dance stories that reflect our shared human condition, and to connect with people of all walks of life through the uniquely conscious and divine creative body. I am inspired by dancers that are energetically vibrant in essence, dynamically versatile in aesthetic, captivating movement storytellers, refined technicians, and heart-centered people. I am motivated by the vast richness of possibilities that a dance work can evolve into, especially when infusing a variety of artistic disciplines, aesthetics, styles, and textures from our amazing collaborators. I have a love affair with music, particularly jazz, salsa, classical, house, and indie-soul. Some words that describe my movement vocabulary are: breath, feeling, lines, nuance, poly-rhythmic, flow, minimal, focused (eyes), intimate, physical, athletic, and embodied. Read on to learn more about my dance journey below, or contact me for a movement session!


Private, small & large group, and corporate classes/workshops in dance, creative movement, yoga, and more are available for immediate booking upon request. Review booking services below.

Julia Discenza Photography


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