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Our Story

Birthed out of the 2020 pandemic, this collective of artists came together under the direction of Camille Moten Rennie with a desire to continue their craft and to leave an artistic legacy that reflects the times, culture, and beauty of this changing world.

The mission of the Company of Collaborative Artists (CoCA) is to curate innovative arts practices and productions for the new and changing 2020s.  Our company celebrates the works, ideas, and voices of BIPOC millennial artists in dance, and our intent is to curate immersive experiences in communities around the world for the purpose of progress, transparency, and togetherness. 

In the Summer of 2021, we kicked off our inaugural season with our CoCA Movement & Process Workshops: a popup installation performance that moved our developing works-in-progress outdoors into public spaces. Company artists were challenged to engage in the creative process while live spectators watched and moved alongside them independently, thus heightening both the artist and audience experiences. By removing the hidden fourth wall, a shared public performance space was formed, and an atmosphere of live art energy manifested in typical, everyday life. The photography and film work produced from these workshop installations can be found in the "Our Works" and "Gallery" sections of the website, titled by their geographic location and season.


Now in 2022, we continue to bring immersive arts programming, education, and events to our communities throughout the Northeast, and we look forward to our 1st anniversary gala event and upcoming performance tour this summer to usher in our 2nd season!  

To keep in touch with us, please join our company mailing list by leaving your information on our "Contact" page, and check back frequently for updates to "Our Events" page. Our blog is also a great way to find out what's happening within our CoCA community. Follow and share our social media accounts "@cocamoves" on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. We are so very excited you are here!


Image from "Ella's Trip" (2019), photography by Julia Discenza

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