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Happy February! A Love Note from our Director

Dear Friend, I hope that the start to your year has been peaceful & fruitful. Thank you for helping the Company of Collaborative Artists kick off our first 7-months with energy, excitement, curiosity, and support! We are proud of the work we have started, and we are excited to continue this journey of dance making and sharing with you, our tribe. As a company, we are constantly thinking about the ways in which we can creatively widen in scope, deepen in impact, transcend in model, and increase in collaborative community partnerships. We ask that you to keep us in mind as we stretch and grow with the times, and we open the door for an exchange of new ideas and dialogue to manifest between artists and audience. We invite you to step into the creators' room with us and take a seat at our table. Most of all, we look forward to moving our bodies in diverse spaces and sharing our dance stories with you. Please keep in touch. We hope to see you soon. With love & gratitude, Camille

p.s. - If you write me, I'll write back.


G A L L E R Y: s t a n d o u t fromthecrowd

Photography by William Issac Bridges

Featuring Damani Van Rensalier, Aaron Lewis, and José Lapaz-Rodríguez


CoCA WIP Presents: "SU 21, Greenpoint, Brooklyn-DUET A"

“a conversation on sunday” [working title] is a work-in-process by Camille Moten Rennie that explores an alternative version of her earlier work entitled, “yoked” (2018) which tells a story of entanglement between two people. The film above captured company members Anysia and Wesley as they workshopped the developing duet during our open rehearsal pop-up at Greenpoint Terminal Market in Brooklyn, NY. Special thank you to our collaborators at Latent Films for documenting our creative process, which we believe is relevant and beautiful in all its stages.

Choreography by Camille Moten Rennie

Performance by Anysia Kelly and Wesley McIntyre

Cinematography by Latent Films

Music by Cannonball Adderley, “Autumn Leaves”


UPCOMING EVENTS: 2022 CoCA Masterclass & Workshop Schedule

Experience CoCA arts through dance and movement classes, body conditioning, and curated workshops, all year long. All are welcome. Mark your calendars and join us!

Sunday, March 13th

Saturday, April 16th

Saturday, May 14th

Sunday, June 12th

Saturday, July 16th

Sunday, August 14th

Saturday, September 17th

Sunday, October 16th

Would you like us to come to you?

Click HERE to inquire about booking a company artist to lead a special workshop or movement session that is designed personally for you, your family, group, community, organization, or business. Let's connect through our universal language of the body!


WELLNESS: a seated grounding practice to start your work day

Step 1: Come to a seated position in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor beneath you, hip width apart. Press your low back and tailbone against the chair's back and sit up tall. Rest your hands on your thighs.

Step 2: Inhale through the nose for a slow count of 1..2..3.. then pause for a beat and hold the air in, like a balloon. Then, exhale through the nose for a slow count of 3..2..1..then pause for a beat at the base of the breath, fully releasing the air out. Then begin again, inhaling for a slow count of 1..2..3..

Repeat 5 times.

Step 3: Drop your chin towards your chest and look down towards your lap. Feel the full weight of the head dropping heavy while still keeping your back lifted and feet firmly planted. Take one full head circle to the right, very slowly. Pause and breathe into the places where you feel tension in the neck. Continue in one direction until you've made one full revolution, then finish where you started--with the chin dropping towards your chest. Repeat your head circle in the same way to the left, or whichever the opposite direction.

Step 4: Sit up tall and look directly forward. Lift your shoulders all the way up to your ears as you inhale. Pause and hold your breath. Slowly glide your shoulders away from your ears and down your back as you exhale, squeezing the shoulder blades together towards your spine. While doing this, be sure to keep your hands on your hips and pin your arms to the sides of your body.

Repeat 3 times.

Step 5: Lift your hands chest height, facing the palms away from you. Keep the elbows hugging in towards the ribs and feel the shoulders weighted down towards the hips. Inhale as you spread and spark your fingers wide and bright, creating space between each finger. Then, exhale as you ball your hands into two tight fists. Inhale and spread your fingers wide and bright again, then exhale and close into a fist. Continue to open and close the hands slowly, like flashing car headlights.

Repeat 10 times.

Step 6: Shake your hands out, then place them back on your legs and sit upright against the chair's back. Close your eyes as you feel your body begin to relax. Remain in stillness for a few moments. Pray, make a mental gratitude list, or set an intention for your day.

Step 7: Have a beautiful day!



May 27-30

Wellness Retreat Weekend

June 25

CoCA's 1st Anniversary Gala

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